The Home You Always Wanted

At Coast Timber Frame, our experience in crafting both log and timber frame custom homes runs deep. We understand that a custom wood home is an investment in your future and your children’s future. Whether you have a specific floor plan in mind, or just a few sketches of that custom home you’ve always wanted, we can guide you through the “thinking and dreaming” stage.

Residential construction falls into three main categories: timber frame, post and beam or custom log assembly.

Timber frame homes consist of large squared timber components which create the skeleton upon which all other framing components – walls, trusses and joists – are strung. We meticulously fit together each structural member using traditional methods of joinery and craftsmanship to create your personal masterpiece. The resulting visual effect can be as obvious or understated as you desire. As with all our projects, your home will be assembled at our facility using Douglas fir, cedar or other specialty woods. Once your custom home is perfected we number each piece and then disassemble and ship everything to your property where we oversee the final assembly.

We are also experts in classic Post and Beam design. Post and beam differs from timber frame in that while heavy timbers make up the structural grid, modern fastening techniques are employed to tie components together. Once the structure is erected, the infilling between the structural members is completed using standard framing practices. Often a design may consist of a combination of both timber frame and post and beam methods to achieve the desired result. In each scenario, once we have finished erecting the heavy timber, the other trades can take over under the direction of a local general contractor or architect.

Custom log homes provide the opportunity for unique solutions.  We can combine the visual warmth of wood of our own choosing combined with unusual pieces of timber, such as a tree felled on your own property. Every log is carefully fit, every joint is handcrafted to perfection on our site before we prepare your order for shipping. Our construction techniques incorporate both the traditional hand hewing methods or the more modern machine cutting practices or a combination of both.

We can provide you with a preferred list of architects and engineers that are experienced in timber frame construction. We are happy to connect you with someone in your area. If you have been dreaming of the ultimate family home, call us today and let’s get started.

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